Do you know investors who want to get involved and invest in the Foreign Exchange Market?
We Believe partnerships are the foundation of a successfull business!

We have established partnership programs through which business partners can potentially piggyback off of our resources, technology, and reputation in the world of currency trading to grow their own business or further their revenues and income streams.

We have established a proven scalable revenue stream that fits your business or personal goals in a short amount of time.

We have helped many motivated people begin to earn a substantial income through our strategic partnerships.

Below is a summary of the 2 general forms of partnerships we engage in, with more details of each further below.

Regional and Tied Agent Partnerships

This form or partnership involves opening your own branch of our company in your home country, jurisdiction, or general geo-location. This is a special program for those already in the industry or with a localized investor network.

You may use our name, platform, back office capabilities, compliance, risk management software, trading programs, regulatory umbrella, and reputation to offer our products in a transparent and mutually beneficial manner. If you meet these these requirements, get in touch with us.

Introducing Brokers / IB’s

Our Introducing Broker program (or “IB program” as it is generally known as) is a “Referral Program”. This program is geared towards those who may already have (or are looking to build) an existing network of colleagues, family, friends, or investors interested in investing in high quality Managed Forex Accounts.

Our IB Partnership is viewed as one of the most desirable positions in the entire FX industry. We offer a very generous (well above average) profit share arrangement to our Introducers. This means that IBs do not need to incur the stress, time, liability, or complexity often involved in trading the markets themselves for their clients, they do not have to deal with any technical issues, the day to day trading systems, programmers, regulators, brokers etc etc

In addition, there are no starting costs or ongoing expenses. IBs have the potential to earn a significant residual income simply by introducing investors to our premium Managed Forex Accounts.

We understand IB’s often run into obstacles and insecurities, as they do not have confidence nor support in the products or investments they are working with. Many are focused on making “fast-money” and often take dangerous risks or simply initiate a churning strategy over the funds invested. (without using start-of-the-art risk protection technology), in order to generate comissions.

Since all of our programs are filtered to fall within our specific blueprint to directly mitigate against this, we do not run into this problem and we and our IBs stand behind our programs with full confidence and pride. Furthermore, we use advanced risk protection technology so all investors and IBs can sleep easy knowing they and their clients will never, ever, lose a penny more than they define up front.

Currently upwards of 80% of our business comes with an introduction, and we see IB’s as an integral part of our success model. We are in effect, “investing in our IBs” and will do all we can to help them succeed. Thus our IB program is our most popular form of partnership.

If you are interested in earning an ongoing residual income from introducing clients from your network to our Investment Fund, please contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you see this program working for you.

Join the most transparent and profitable future